Prerequisites of Application for a Franchise

Please consider the following conditions which should either be in place or which you will be able to put in place when applying for a franchise: 

  1. You will need to be the owner of an all-year (enclosed) swim teaching facility that includes changing rooms and toilet.
  2. The size of the pool should be a minimum of 24 sq metres with a length of 8 metres.  This does not include the shallow/step area.  Pools that work well are 4 x 8 metres, and 5 x 8 metres. If you intend to build a pool, talk to us first so that you will not miss out on considering including factors that offer excellent results.
  3. The depth of the pool must not exceed 1.5 metres.
  4. Water temperature should not be less than 32 degrees Celsius.
  5. The air temperature should always be comfortably warm.
  6. You will need enough off-road parking for at least 12 cars. The more parking space the better. With class size of 6 parent-tot pairs in a group, you could land up with as many as 18 cars at one time.
  7. You will require permission from your local council / municipality to conduct a business in a residential area. Many swim schools that have operated without this, or merely with consent from their neighbours, have been closed down when new neighbours have moved into the area.    
  8. You have to be committed to the philosophy of AQUATOTS. A franchise is not for you if you feel you cannot accept the principles on which the program is founded. You will find it impossible to teach according to these principles unless you believe in them.
  9. Personality characteristic of the applicant should be conducive to the operation of a successful AQUATOTS franchise swim school.
  10. The applicant must be familiar with the content of AQUATOTS Swim Program website notably the section ABOUT AQUATOTS SWIM PROGRAM.

If you feel you can meet these prerequisites please complete the Franchise Enquiries Form so that we can discuss them with you or give you more information about them. If you would still like to go ahead after that, you can complete the Application Form.