Lessons are a stimulating and happy experience for everyone. Tuition is through the parents who accompany their infants in the water. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. Infants learn through songs, rhymes, and games. They are never pushed beyond their ability. There should be absolutely no pressure an anyone.

Lessons are in groups of six parent-tot pairs with one instructor. The group situation creates an enriched learning environment in which the infants realise their potential at their own individual pace.

Lessons come in sets of 12. Each set of 12 lessons make up a course. The lessons are structured in this manner for convenience. One course does not necessarily follow up on the other. Many a toddler has learned to swim in the first course. Others may need several courses. Results are generally faster when there is plenty of practise opportunity.

Each lesson is 30 minutes long. The group meets in a designated place on the side of the pool where they are greeted by their instructor who explains what is planned for the lesson of the day before they all get into the water.

Personal views on child-rearing are respected but parents are advised to adhere to the set code of behaviour during the lessons in the interest of success. Lessons are more likely to go smoothly and be enjoyed if the instructor is in command. Parents/caregivers can rest assured that instructors know how to guide each parent-tot pair at a pace that is right for them.

Registration for lessons is accepted on condition that the registering party is familiar with AQUATOTS Swim Program philosophy and agrees to abide by the rules and regulations as set out in the registration brochure. AQUATOTS instructors reserve the right of admission. Though the safety of the infants is of foremost concern, parents or guardians assume all risk in joining the program.  
Lessons at AQUATOTS Franchise Swim Schools are normally twice a week. .
Lessons are also once a week on Saturdays for working parents but progress is very slow. Working parents are best advised to make arrangements for a second lesson during the week in the late afternoon.
Lessons 3 x per week have the best results, but because most parents find this impractical, the arrangement is only offered at AQUATOTS Franchise Swim Schools where there is a demand.
Special two week sessions of lessons everyday (Mon-Sat) from 1-16 December for toddlers comprise the Intensive Course which prepares parents and toddlers for a safe way to go about enjoying the summer holidays around the pool. They are a must in quick parent-tot introduction to infant swimming, and often result in toddlers being able to jump in and return to the side by the end of a session.
For more information on lessons at the AQUATOTS Franchise Swim School nearest to you, please see the Swim Schools Directory.