AQUATOTS Franchise Overview



A franchise costs R 45,000. This gives you trading rights and sound basic training to start you up. Further training is ongoing at no extra cost.



You will be able to trade as an AQUATOTS franchise according to a contractual agreement. 


Monthly Management Fee (MMF)

The AQUATOTS franchise owner pays an ongoing 7.5% Monthly Management Fee (MMF) which is not less than the  minimum MMF agreed upon in contract.



An audit visit to each franchise is conducted annually.



Initial and ongoing instructor training courses take place in January to June. 



Each franchise has its own one-on-one annual workshop with the chief trainer spending a full day with the franchisee and assistant instructors at the respective franchise venue.


Annual Meeting

A general meeting, the AQUATOTS Franchise Anniversary Meeting (AFAM), for all franchisees is set annually for the 2nd last week-end in May. It is a big 3-day week-end (Friday to Sunday inclusive) event at no cost to the franchisee. All franchise owners are expected to attend.



Turnover per franchise fluctuates according to overheads and number of pupils attending lessons. An estimate of the average overheads or running costs can be obtained by request. Cost per course of lessons is revised annually. Individual franchises set their own price within a fixed range which is agreed upon at the latest AFAM. Cost per course varies according to region, area and level of sophistication of the venue.


Operations and Procedures

Courses consist of 12 lessons.

A course is normally spread over a period of 6 weeks with lessons twice a week from Monday to Friday all year round with the exception of the Xmas to New Year period, and possibly 2 weeks in July.

Saturday lessons are reserved for the working parent but progress is dishearteningly slow at lessons once a week. Working parents are best advised to try and make arrangements for a second lesson during the week in the late afternoon. The best and quickest results are with lessons 3 times a week but most parents find this impractical. Lessons everyday for two weeks from December 1 -16 is the superior way of getting a toddler set in a basic safety routine for the holidays. 

Lessons are in groups of a maximum of 6 parent-tot pairs per group.

Duration of a lesson is 30 minutes. 

Instructors are obliged to take a break of at least a 30 minutes after 6 consecutive lessons.


To Qualify for a Franchise

There are certain requirements that should either be in place or that you intend to put in place when you apply for a franchise. To find out what these are, see the PREREQUISITES OF APPLICATION FOR A FRANCHISE. If you can meet all these requirements you can complete the application form. If there are some that you feel you would like to discuss with us, we will be happy to do so. We would like to assist you in whatever way we can to make a decision that is right for you.