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New Life Biokinetika Sentrum

Telephone: 082 466 0583

AQUATOTS Springs (West Rand)
NewLife Biokinetics Practice
10 New House Street
Rowhill, Springs. 
(There is safe parking in front of the practice. The area is patrolled by guards employed by the Rowhill residence.)

Biokineticist Dr Gerda Joubert expanded her practice, New Life Biokinetics, in 2005 to include AQUATOTS swim Progam. A believer in the power of movement, hence her career in Biokinetics, (bio meaning life, and kinesis implying movement) Gerda evidenced water as a powerful tool in therapy. She soon recognized the value of AQUATOTS in stimulating very young children to perform teaching patterns that simulated corrective movement patterns in a playful manner without them being aware of the intention underlying these teaching patterns.  Henceforth AQUATOTS would operate at the practice as an extension to therapy while simultaneously allowing children to play at learning to swim.

New Life Biokinetics, founded in 1994, originally specialized in hydrotherapy, treating patients with impaired life style diseases, orthopaedic injuries, paraplegia and quadriplegia, as well as in training physiotherapists and biokineticists in hydrotherapy enlisting local and international trainers for this purpose. With two indoor heated swimming pools and an additional area for land therapy, the practice could successfully incorporate AQUATOTS Swim Program as an extension to hydrotherapy while allowing it to operate in its normal manner for infant swim teaching.

Gayle Birnie, accredited South African Water Fitness Association (SAWFA) and Basic Life Support (BLS) qualified, who has run the water aerobics side of the practice since 1999, heads AQUATOTS in the aquatic section of the practice. Her commitment to AQUATOTS philosophy combined with her gentle nature makes her an excellent non-threatening teaching tool according to Gerda who is proud to have Gayle head AQUATOTS at New Life Biokinetics.


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